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20 July 2017by support

Blocked sewer and debris filled under the earth is the most common domestic and commercial issue encountered during plumbing jobs. Blocked sewer drains or buried utilities can even cause hazardous spills and flooding. This can eventually create disturbance around your house or workplace.

To stop these issues from appearing and ensure quick repair if they happen, go for water jet cleaning and vacuum services from Pressure Works.


What is Water Jet Cleaning?

Water Jet Cleaning is the process of separating soil and debris with pressurised water. It is a non-destructive excavation process to dig soil and unearth hidden utilities. After excavating soil, the waste is then transferred to a trash tank with the help of a high-volume suction vacuum or air carriage.


How does Water Jet Cleaning work?

water jet cleaning

Water Jet Cleaning is a two-step process that combines high-pressure water jets and suction air vacuum. This process slit through the soil and fragments it to lift the slurry from excavated area.

Water jet cleaning process requires a vacuum source to complete the excavation. It could be either a fan system or a displacement blower. This vacuum helps in the faster clearance of debris of blocked sewer.

Waterjet services uses a displacement blower which is capable of moving air over long distances than the one with fan system. However, as the excavation process includes greater depth cleaning, fan system is more efficient.

Pressure Works provides you with a one-stop solution for all your sewer and drain cleaning issues. We offer services to flush debris, slit blockages, and cut out roots.


Why use Water Jet Cleaning and Vacuum Services?

Water jet and vacuum trucks are considered to be the safest and most reliable source of excavation. Traditional excavation process can prove to be dangerous when working around fibre optic lines and main power.

High-pressure water jetters are preferred by many new age plumbers because they are less likely to be caught at the jagged edges and are probably less destructive. These devices can be concurrently used with a drain camera. This feature makes the water jet cleaning process more efficient and accurate.

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Water jet services are not only used for cleaning works. There are many other possibilities where a water jet can prove to be very useful. Laying underground utilities and facilities needs precise digging and tend to be a risky task. With the help of water Jet services, the risks connected to the job can be lessened, and excavation equipment can be used for various applications.

Water jet can also be used for locating lines, potholing, and installing signs and poles. The vacuum truck connected to the water jet can be placed at a distance which helps in smooth traffic movement and maintaining less congestion.

Pressure Works provide expert and quality assistance in water jet services and vacuum cleaning across Victoria.


How Pressure Works Benefit You?

  • We provide you with efficient waterjet services for your drain and pit cleaning, vacuum cleaning of gutter and spouting. and vacuum excavation.
  • We commit to providing you better safety and damage controls when compared to traditional digging and drainage methods.
  • Our waterjet services are less time consuming and very cost effective.

Pressure Works delivers all the solutions for your cleaning and vacuum issues, from hydro excavation to drain cleaning and pressure cleaning to vacuum gutter cleaning. For more information contact us at 0419 577 441 or PO BOX 587, Eltham VIC, 3095, Australia.

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