NewsDo Suction Trucks Also Have Water Jet Cleaners?

7 May 2019by support

If you are thinking about hiring a suction truck to clear out any blocked drains or pipes, there are a few things you might want to know first.

A suction truck is used to extract liquids from drains and pipes. This can be any type of slurry or sludge.

The liquid that is collected is then relocated to a processing plant for treatment.

These suction trucks are often referred to as combination trucks as they have both suction and spraying capabilities.

Not only can they clean off pavement for example, by spraying it.

They also have a tank on the back that can be loaded with material such as sewage that needs to be processed.

Where Are These Typically Used?

These are typically used for the extraction of water in stormwater pits. This water and sludge can collect over time.

The trucks are also be used to extract the liquid sewage that is in these pits, similar to septic tanks that contain raw sewage.

Instead of using them for that purpose, they can be filled with fresh water. You can then spray the water on roadways and highways to clean them off.

You will probably see these trucks during the summer months.

They are also very helpful when you are at a job site where you have dirt roadways that can create clouds of dust when it gets windy.

Hydro Evacuation Drain Cleaning And Vacuum Loading

Three other reasons you may need these trucks for are Hydro evacuation jobs, drain cleaning jobs, and those that will require vacuum loading.

Hydro evacuation is a process by which water is used in order to excavate certain areas. Drain cleaning is exactly what it seems.

The pressure from the water can be used to flush out entire systems.

Finally, vacuum loading is where you are not only clearing blockages, but these trucks can be used to also contain spills.

This helps when there has been significant flooding, which will require these types of vehicles.

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