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16 May 2019by support

Clogged or blocked drains can be a real menace in any household.

The water won’t go away, and there’s a terrible smell lurking around your home because of the debris stuck in your drains.

In this situation, it’s important to act quickly and the best way to deal with this situation is to opt for a high-velocity water jetting service.


What is high-velocity water jetting?

High-velocity water jetting is a technique that can clear your drains in next to no time at all.

This process pushes water at a tremendous velocity through your pipes and helps to break down and remove any debris that has accumulated in your drains.

The water eventually drains out from the pipes allowing the waste materials to drain out of the pipes also.

Blocked drains can often cause toilets, sinks and basins to malfunction as the water doesn’t drain away as quickly as it should.

Many people try to use chemical drain cleaners, and although they can be useful, they can also cause the condition of your pipes to deteriorate.

High-velocity water jetting is, without doubt, the quickest and safest way to unclog your drains.


Why do drains get clogged?

There are many reasons why drains can clog up and block the flow of water and waste materials. Some of these reasons are given below:

  • Hair is often the biggest culprit when it comes to blocked drains. Most people don’t realise the amount of hair that falls out while taking a shower.

        Hair is sticky and accumulates in the pipes, and soon your drain can get blocked because of it.

  • Dirt and silt from the garden can also cause drain blockages. It can even block multiple parts of the drain if it sticks on the insides of the pipe.

        As this accumulates inside the drain, other waste materials can’t pass through which leads to further blockages and clogging.

        Apart from silt and dirt, twigs, leaves, and waste from the trees can also contribute to blocking the drain.

  • Toiletries like baby wipes, nappies, feminine hygiene products or even condoms that are thrown down the toilet can also cause drain blockages.

In fact, these can cause more significant problems to your drain than just clogging it.

Some of these items actually absorb water and totally block your pipes preventing any particles from passing through.


Benefits of high-velocity water jetting

High-velocity water jetting can clean not only minor and significant blockages in the drain, but it also ensures that the entire plumbing system is working smoothly.

Finding the exact location of any blockage is tough.

However, with advanced cameras used by experienced plumbing companies like Pressure Works, it is now possible to pinpoint the blockage.

From there, the high-velocity water jetting technique can then be employed. This method has multiple benefits:

  1. It is an environment-friendly procedure that doesn’t involve using harmful chemicals. Only water is used to clean the blockage and nothing else.
  2. This process doesn’t create a mess from plumbers crawling all around your house. Whatever debris is in the drain remains in the drain however, it breaks down and flows away because of the high pressure of water.
  1. This technique can clean any debris and chemicals such as grease, sand, sediments, and oil. The force of the water flushes the pipes clean of all debris.
  2. High-velocity water jetting is one of the cost-effective methods to clean blockages inside a drain.

This method doesn’t deteriorate the quality of the pipes, and it doesn’t take long for the blockages to clear.

In order to achieve the above, plumbers use special water jetting machines which allows them to keep their working area clean and achieve amazing results.

Are your drains and pipes blocked or clogged? Then you need to urgently speak to Pressure Works.

Pressure Works are specialists when it comes to using high-velocity water jetting to remove unwanted debris from your drains and pipes.

We employ highly trained technicians and the latest technology to clear your drains and pipes from any clogging and blockages.

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