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30 June 2019by support

If you are having trouble with clogged, backed up or overflowing sewers then you may have considered calling in a suction truck to remove the build-up of sewage and debris.

Suction trucks seem like a convenient and simple solution, but you may be wondering if they’re as effective as they first seem. 

These are all good questions that any responsible business owner should be asking.


How Suction Trucks Work

Suction trucks rely on a high powered vacuum pump and a large hose, they suck up the sewage, sludge, and debris into a sealed tank.

This is then transported to a treatment facility and then evacuated from the tank for safe disposal.

This is done in line with the Australian government’s rules for water quality and waste management.

The tanks are very strong and durable and are completely sealed. 

This ensures that the risk of the liquid escaping the truck is minimal, even if something were to go wrong and the tank were to tip over on the road. 

The tanks are built in a way that ensures that spillages are unlikely and that even odours won’t escape. 

Removing sewage is not exactly a fun job, but the technology that is used allows for the removal of waste in a safe and minimally disruptive manner.


Safe Sewage Removal 

There are strict regulations regarding the use of vacuum loading equipment, the training of staff, and how waste (both hazardous and non-hazardous) should be handled. 

There are also EPA/DEC regulations regarding how the waste itself should be disposed of.

Suction trucks allow sewage to be collected in a way that is environmentally friendly because:

  • There is minimal disruption to the sewage lines itself
  • High volumes of waste can be moved in one go
  • You do not need to use large amounts of water to ‘wash waste away’, rather it is collected into the truck
  • There is no direct handling of the sewage
  • The trucks are sealed to stop odours or liquids escaping
  • The waste can be disposed of at the treatment centre in one go
  • We do not just ‘suck up’ the waste, we handle the safe disposal too


Is a Suction Truck Suitable for Your Needs?

Sewer suction trucks are available in a wide range of sizes, to suit most use-cases. 

Whether you are looking for something to treat one small clogged line or to remove a large amount of sewage, there are trucks that can suit your needs. 

The trucks can often be used even if you do not have direct access to the site as you can run a long hose up to the sewer area. 

This makes them a convenient choice for jobs in more built-up residential areas.

If you are struggling with sewage and are not sure what the best solution would be for your needs, please do not hesitate to call us. 

Our team of experts would be happy to discuss your needs with you and explain the different options so that you can use the most suitable sewage management solution.

Whether you are a campsite owner, running festivals, a building company or any other form of business that needs to deal with waste and sewage, we are here to help you. 

We are also happy to work with individual property owners that are having issues with their sewer lines or with waste management in remote areas. 

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