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22 July 2019by support

Do you know what a suction truck is and what it’s used for? Do you know if you actually need one? Let’s take a further look at suction trucks in the following article.

Are you wondering whether or not suction trucks are used for liquid waste only? If so, you have come to the right place.  There is a wide variety of suction trucks and attachments designed for different industries and purposes. 

These vehicles are usually equipped with hydro excavation and high powered vacuum systems to clean out different types of industrial tanks, municipal water sources, dry waste, and lagoons. 

Suction trucks come with debris tanks of their own to haul away the waste materials for safe disposal.  They have strong pumps for vacuuming purposes and a series of hoses to access tight and confined areas. 

This article provides information on the many uses of suction trucks including the following:

  • Sumps, Sewers, And Septic Tanks
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Grease Traps
  • Environmental Protection
  • Cave-Ins

Sumps, Sewers, And Septic Tanks

A suction truck is ideal for pumping out sewers and sumps. The large storage volume of the suction truck tank helps in this regard.  Septic tank pumping is essential to keep the tank operating properly over time. 

It also helps prevent the waste from seeping into the ground and causing health issues in the long run. Vacuum trucks are quite versatile in cleaning sumps, sewers, and septic tanks. 

Most of the trucks come with water tanks that can hold up to 5,500 litres of liquid and 7,500 litres of dry waste. 

The best way to clean sumps, sewers, and septic tanks is to do it onsite by using professional and experienced technicians with the right equipment. 

A professional service provider will do the best job when it comes to cleaning any kind of sump, sewer, and septic tank. 

Hazardous Materials

Handling hazardous materials by hand will place the operator at risk. That’s why you need to choose a chemically-resistant and powerful vacuum truck to clean hazardous materials. 

It will avoid hazardous material spills and safeguard the workers in the process. Suction trucks are ideal for this type of work. 

Make sure you choose the right vacuum service for such jobs.

Grease Traps

Grease traps are common in today’s restaurants. Cleaning grease traps is a challenging task without the right equipment for the job. 

That’s where you need a powerful vacuum truck and the right attachments. Suction vacuums are commonly used for cleaning grease traps in restaurants and hotels.

Environmental Protection

Vacuum trucks are commonly used after a storm or an environmental emergency. It can remove water and other debris from sensitive areas in order to protect wildlife and nature – including human life. 

This is another popular use of suction or vacuum trucks. Make sure you work with a professional vacuum service when dealing with any type of environmental emergency. 

The vacuum service should have extensive experience dealing with such projects in the past. 

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In case a cave-in occurs, a suction truck is an important component to remove the soil and mud to allow rescue crews to reach infrastructure access points and save human or animal lives. 

A vacuum truck can remove the water, mud, soil, and other debris that block access points. This type of truck can be used for recovery missions, too. 

If people get trapped during floods and storms and need a quick rescue, a suction truck can be of immense benefit. These are some of the many applications of a suction or vacuum truck.

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