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23 October 2019by support

Do you a confined space that needs cleaning or clearing? Confined spaces are not only difficult to access but they can also be very hazardous. Let’s take a look at the best method to use in these situations.

Confined spaces are completely or partially enclosed areas that have restricted entry. Often there is a lack of oxygen or a space that contains atmospheric hazards such as toxic gases.

In areas where machinery cannot gain access to a confined space, vacuum loading and excavation is an extremely economical and efficient solution.

It allows work to be carried out safely and efficiently with minimum risk to workers or property. Materials are vacuum loaded from a vessel or open restricted space and transferred to a holding tank for safe disposal.

Work may be undertaken on a worksite or in a public space.

What Are Confined Spaces?

Confined spaces may or may not be big enough for workers to enter and include areas such as:

  • Pump stations
  • Manholes
  • Drains
  • Wet wells
  • Gross pollutant traps
  • Highly congested vehicle or pedestrian areas
  • Areas with overhead obstructions
  • Sumps
  • Storage tanks
  • Pits
  • Silos

Access to confined spaces is usually required for cleaning, inspection, repair, maintenance, or construction.

Vacuum loading services are employed where access is limited to remove materials such as waste stored in pits or tanks, for pit cleaning, during plant maintenance, or in flooding situations.

Cleaning of confined spaces such as drains, cesspits, and sumps requires specialised knowledge and equipment such as advanced, self-contained vacuum loading trucks for the safe removal of materials which may include liquids, lump or particulate solids, or gases.

Some materials may be hazardous such as flammable or explosive materials, chemicals or materials with carbonaceous particulates.

Why Confined Spaces Are A Concern

Working in confined spaces can be extremely dangerous for workers with high risk from things like trench subsidence and collapse or exposure to contaminated atmospheric substances.

The risk of potential financial burdens can be minimised by making use of qualified and highly experienced technicians and equipment to gain entry to confined spaces.

Benefits of Vacuum Loading in Confined Spaces

Using vacuum loading in confined spaces:

  • Eliminates the need for workers to enter restricted or dangerous areas to perform high-risk tasks.
  • Saves time and costs involved in obtaining permits as well as training required to perform high-risk tasks in confined spaces.
  • Is an extremely efficient and cost-effective alternative to manual labour which is often the only method employed in situations such as cleaning out tanks, pits or sumps.
  • Allows work to take place in restricted areas where conventional machinery cannot be used.
  • Materials are vacuum loaded and safely transferred into tanks with minimal threats to the environment or disturbance of the worksite and surrounding areas.
  • Quickly and accurately exposes damaged areas for inspection and repair.
  • Efficient and accurate operation minimises turnaround time and overall costs.


Vacuum loading services are excellent for the removal or recovery of wet or dry heavy products such as:

  • Brick dust
  • Concrete and marble slurry
  • Pit, waste, and stormwater clearing
  • Drill slurry, hydro mud, or NDD
  • Pier/ bore/pile cleaning
  • Car wash and GPT pit cleaning
  • Tank and vessel cleaning
  • Drain and sump clearing
  • Liquid or solid waste removal
  • Drain unblocking and cleaning
  • Culvert cleaning
  • Concrete slurries, cement, and woodchip removal

Pressure Works Water Jet & Vacuum Services utilises innovative excavation and vacuum technologies to provide safe and efficient, none-invasive, and non-destructive vacuum loading services right across the Melbourne suburbs.

All our vacuum trucks are EPA registered and licensed to collect, transport, and safely dispose of non-hazardous and hazardous materials.

Our vacuum loading services are particularly effective in confined spaces and our highly skilled and experienced technicians are fully trained in the safety procedures, environmental protection, and safety requirements when working in confined spaces.

We have a range of complementary services to manage your projects such as hydro excavation, non-destructive digging, liquid waste removal, drain cleaning, heavy-duty suction trucks to suck up sludge and debris.

Our hydro excavation services and non-destructive diggings services offer a safe and efficient alternative to mechanical digging.


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