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10 January 2020by support

Are you planning to remove liquid waste from your industrial site? If so, do you know about the benefits of a suction truck for liquid waste removal projects?

A suction or vacuum truck is a large industrial truck with a holding tank, pumps, and suction hoses attached to it.

These trucks provide a vital service to cities and businesses needing waste materials removed from overhead, underground or a distance. When it comes to sucking up sludge and debris, a vacuum truck can get the job done fast.

In this article, we will take a look at the following in more detail:

  • How Does A Suction Truck Work?
  • What Are The Uses Of Suction Trucks?
  • How Suction Trucks Can Save Lives!
  • How To Choose A Reliable Liquid Waste Removal Service?
  • How Does A Suction Truck Work?

A vacuum or suction truck works similar to a shop vacuum. There is a powerful pump to remove air from the holding tank of the truck. This helps create a vacuum inside the holding tank.

Then the primary and secondary shut-off valves on the suction hoses are opened to force the holding tank to equalise the pressure inside. This process lets the suction truck suck up sludge and liquids from outside.

The power of the suction pump and the quality of the truck will let it handle difficult jobs with ease. The entire operation is similar to the workings of a home vacuum.

What Are The Uses Of Suction Trucks?

Suction trucks are mostly used to deal with large-scale sludge and liquid clean-up projects in cities across Australia. You will see most of these trucks in septic and sewer system maintenance projects.

Suction trucks are also used to suck water and debris left from hydro-excavation or drilling jobs in industrial and municipal settings.

Some of the common uses of suction trucks in Australia include getting rid of mud to expose utility lines, environmental clean-up projects, preventing sewer and septic system overloads, waste management, and storage tank upkeep work.

How Suction Trucks Can Save Lives!

Did you know that suction trucks are incredibly useful in rescue missions? Other than dealing with sewer and septic systems, vacuum trucks can be useful in various rescue missions.

When there are hazardous waste or oil spills, suction trucks are used to quickly clear and store dangerous materials – preventing them from entering local waterways and contaminating the environment.

There are many instances where suction trucks are called to help emergency crews with rescue missions such as when trenches or pits collapse on workers.

How To Choose A Reliable Liquid Waste Removal Service?

Disposing of liquid waste is difficult without the right equipment and experience. Delaying or failing to dispose of liquid waste can cost your company more in the future.

That’s why you need to seek professional help to get rid of liquid waste. That way you will be compliant with the relevant waste regulations and help protect the environment at the same time.

With a host of liquid waste removal services operating in Australia, choosing the best service provider isn’t easy. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best liquid waste removal company in Australia.

Look for the reputation, experience, credentials, expertise, equipment, and customer feedback when choosing the best liquid waste removal service in Australia.

Pressure Works is a trusted name when it comes to all types of liquid waste removal projects in the Melbourne area.

When it comes to sucking up debris and sludge, our suction trucks will get the job done fast. Nothing will do the job quickly and more thoroughly than a high-quality sucker truck from Pressure Works in Australia.


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