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11 July 2020by support

You see them a lot, in commercial and residential areas. Suction trucks are a common sight on the road. However, we don’t really pay much attention to them until we need them.

Aside from collecting sludge, septic waste, and sewage, do you know what suction trucks are used for?

Suction trucks are large industrial trucks equipped with built-in holding tanks, pumps and suction hoses. They provide necessary services to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Main Uses Of A Suction Truck

  • They are used to suction liquids, slurry and sludge. This is mostly done in construction sites during the phase of digging the foundation where water, slurry, and sludge needs to be removed as part of the construction process.
  • They can be used to suction mining slurries and other liquid waste.
  • They can be used to collect business and residential liquid waste, sewage and septic waste.
  • Removal of water in water tanks and flooded areas.
  • Can be used to clean mud in order to expose underground utilities and plumbing systems.
  • Emptying water treatment tanks.
  • Also used in industrial and municipal settings to suction water and debris from drilling jobs or hydro excavation projects.
  • They can also be used for environment clean-ups and waste management.

Other Uses:

  • Suction trucks are often used in rescue missions.
  • Used to help in operations during environmental disasters.
  • Can also be used to clean up hazardous waste or oil spills.
  • Suction trucks are essential in quickly clearing and storing any dangerous toxic materials to prevent them from contaminating the environment and entering the waterways.

Suction trucks play an important role in keeping cities and suburbs safe and clean. You may not notice them but they play a vital role every day in helping to keep our communities and businesses clean.

What Type Waste Suction Trucks Deal With technician

Safety & Hygiene

Suction trucks and technicians are there to do the dirty work so you don’t have to. Handling dirty, dangerous, and toxic materials need the use of special equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE). 

When you have liquid waste that needs disposal, don’t attempt to dispose of the waste yourself. Call a suction truck service right away!

Suction truck operators are highly trained to handle liquid waste and how to dispose of it correctly. Do not put your safety and health at risk, let the professionals do it.

Disposal Of Collected Waste

The government have strict rules and regulations that must be followed regarding liquid waste disposal. Suction trucks are not only in charge of removing liquid waste, they are responsible for the proper disposal as well.

Liquid waste can not go into the general waste stream. Depending on the nature of the water waste and the risk it poses to humans, animals and the environment, most liquid waste will not be released untreated. 

Once the liquid waste is collected, the suction truck will head directly to the proper disposal facility, which is usually a liquid waste treatment facility.

However, some water waste may be delivered directly to composting sites where the liquid is used as fertilisers while others are sent to the following plants:

  • Sedimentation and Dewatering Plants
  • Incineration Plants for toxic waste 
  • Solidification Plants, etc.

Liquid waste handling is a messy business. The good news is, you do not have to worry about it. That is what suction trucks are made for. They are designed to handle your dirty business while you remain safe and clean from a distance. 

For your liquid waste removal needs, Pressure Works have a number of Suction Trucks ready to serve you anywhere in Victoria. When it comes to sucking up sludge and debris our heavy-duty sucker trucks we will get the job done fast.

We can even manage your liquid waste collection and removal. Whether it is cleaning out a range of drain or pit cleaning services, our vehicles make light work of the task.


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