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24 February 2020by support

Are you looking for ways to solve the blocking issues in your kitchen on a more permanent basis? Do the concrete surfaces of your business premises concrete appear dull and tarnished?

Do you need to dig a trench without decimating the surrounding land? Well, water jetting services fit the bill as a solution to all these needs.

Water jetting, which essentially is high-pressure streams of water (sometimes containing particles) that are used to break up particles, has gained immense popularity in domestic and commercial settings.

Herein we will explore the various uses of water jetting and, therefore, delve into the various water jetting services you can get, including:

  • Surface cleaning,
  • Concrete refurbishment,
  • Drainage and sewer cleaning,
  • Decontamination, and
  • Cleaning boats hulls and buoys,
  • Surface cleaning,

#1. General Surface Cleaning

Whether it is wood, concrete, and in some cases, metal, you can expect some tarnishing over time. Stains will accumulate in the pores of concrete and timber while metal surfaces will form an oxide layer at the surface.

Inevitably, you can expect such surfaces to get tarnished, thereby losing their aesthetic appeal.

When in need of a thorough clean, you can always rely on water jetting. The high pressure associated with the water jet dislodges debris that stains the surface, thereby revealing the true colours of the surface.

#2. Concrete Refurbishment

Water jetting is also used in concrete refurbishment as it allows users to cut a damaged section concrete slab and replace it without damaging the surrounding materials.

In the case of steel-reinforced concrete, water jetting enables the removal of damaged concrete, without damaging the rebar. Essentially, water jetting allows for targeted concrete removal.

#3. Drainage And Sewer Cleaning

Flashing grease, sludge, oil, mud, hair, debris, or even sand will inevitably cause an accumulation of debris that leaves the drain and sewer lines susceptible to blockage.

Moreover, typical drain and sewer lines are susceptible to mineral scaling, and tree roots intrusion, all of which can block the drainage.

Water jetting is undoubtedly the best solution to clear the drain and sewer line of blocking debris. Unlike other debris removal solutions, water jetting pulverises the gunk that blocks the lines, restoring the full flow of wastewater.

#4. Decontamination

Water jetting has and can be used in decontamination exercises. This is especially the case when it comes to removing deep surface contamination in high population areas such as buildings.

The high-pressure water flushes out contaminants deep within the surface of building materials, thereby performing decontamination in the process.

#5. Hull And Buoy Cleaning

As a boat cruises along the ocean, its hull and buoys accumulate a lot of debris in the form of salts and biological matter.

Left unchecked, the salt accumulation and growth of algae and other organic matter will damage the hull or destroy it completely. Water jetting is an effective yet gentle way of cleaning the hull.

The high pressure cleans the surface of the hull as well as buoys, as part of water regular maintenance.

#6. Surface Preparation

Construction industry specialists recommend water jetting as the to-go-to surface preparation method.

In fact, in some instances, water jetting is the only surface preparation method that you can use owing to its environmental compatibility and technical benefits.

The technology not only gets the job done, but it is also cost-effective.


While water jetting is now commonly associated with drainage and sewer line cleaning, the technology has a lot more flexibility than many would think. We offer our water jetting services in a wide variety of environments and utilities.

Whether you need your drainage lines cleaned or you want to restore the concrete installation in your home or business premises, we are up to the task.


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