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Hydro Excavation, also known as, Non Destructive Digging (NDD), Vacuum Truck Excavation, and or Pot Holing, is the safe and efficient alternative to mechanical digging, excavating, and auguring. Our Hydro Excavation services give our team the ability to safely excavate soil and material without the risk of damage to possible underlying utilites.

Hydro Excavation Services use a powerful water jet and vacuum truck. This technicque uses high pressure water jetting to losen and breakup the ground, and a high volume vacuum loading to remove the lose soil and material and educt it into debris tank of the truck.


Our Hydro Excavation services in Melbourne offer a massive reduction in the risk of damage to underlying utilities compared to mechanical digging. It is now recognised by rail, gas, power and civil contracting companies. This is one of the safest method while in the vicinity of underground services or assets.

Hydro Excavation is an effective alternative to other methods of excavation for a wide range of uses:


  • Asset Exposure, Trenching, Service Proving
  • Post Hole or Pier Hole Digging
  • Sign Post and Power Poles Digging
  • Optic Fibre Exposure
  • Tree Removal and Root Barrier Installation
  • Excavating/Polholing around Gas, Power, Water and Telecommunications
  • Deep Pier/Bore Hole Cleaning
  • Safety Barrier Installation
  • Limited Access Excavation
  • Construction Site Water
  • Excavation for Sewer and Water Repair

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