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25 January 2021by support

Have you ever heard of Hydro Excavation? This is actually a method that is commonly used to dig and move soil. It can significantly reduce many risks and costs that are associated with more conventional digging methods. 

By using highly pressurised water and an air vacuum, Hydro Excavation is able to efficiently dig the soil and transfer it. However, what are some benefits that this new innovative method can offer you?

If you would like to find out more about the important benefits of Hydro Excavation, then please feel free to explore the benefits with us below. 

The Benefits Of Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation is commonly used in various industries. It is mostly used for excavation, plumbing pipes and sewers, installation of posts and poles, landscaping, potholing, and much more. 

More importantly, Hydro Excavation eliminates the typical risks and inconveniences that you might encounter with traditional forms of excavation. Some of these risks may include environmental damage, underground facility damage, imprecise soil movement, and more. 

Therefore, the benefits of Hydro Excavation are quite numerous. Feel free to explore just a few of them here:

1). Hydro Excavation Is Safer

Unlike conventional excavation methods, Hydro Excavation is non-mechanical and non-destructive. This means reduced risk for labourers as a result of machinery accidents as well as members of the public who won’t be at risk. 

The fact that Hydro Excavation is non-destructive is very important. This is because it can avoid damage to underground utilities that can cause both financial damages and safety hazards. Moreover, this also means that Hydro Excavation is environmentally-friendly since it avoids environmental destruction.

More importantly, Hydro Excavation only requires water and an air vacuum. These can be positioned at a distance from the actual excavation area to reduce traffic and congestion at the excavation site.

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2). Hydro Excavation Is More Accurate

Hydro Excavation makes use of highly pressurised water and suction that can open the soil and turn it into a slurry. Once the soil gets sucked into the holding tank, it can then be properly disposed of. Therefore, because this process makes use of highly pressurised water, you can achieve accurate excavation results. 

3). Hydro Excavation Is Cost-Effective

Because Hydro Excavation does not involve other unnecessary forms of excavation, it is very cost-effective. More importantly, since this method is both accurate and precise, you won’t need to pay for damages to utilities, surrounding pipes, and the environment in general.

Hydro Excavation also avoids pipes and underground utilities in order to prevent the occurrence of leaks and cracks. There is also a limited workforce needed to accomplish Hydro Excavation. Therefore, this excavation method is highly cost-efficient. 

4). Hydro Excavation Makes Use Of Advanced Technology

Hydro Excavation technology is equipped with water heaters, a vacuum system, and debris tanks. The trucks are also specially designed to reach fragile underground structures. 

A mix of high-pressure water in a low stream used alongside an air vacuum is used to excavate soil at a controlled rate. The high water pressure is used to break the soil while the vacuum lifts the slurry and all the debris into the debris tank. With technology as advanced as this, you will be able to achieve advanced excavation results as well.

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5). Hydro Excavation Has Waste Removal Methods

Unlike conventional excavation methods, Hydro Excavation has methods for waste removal. The dirt which is collected and removed through the vacuum is stored into a tank for later disposal. This means that there is no waste material left behind at the excavation site.

The advantage of this waste removal method is that the team can spend less time cleaning up the mess once the excavation project is complete. This also means that there is less damage caused to the surrounding area.


Hydro Excavation is the way to go if you are looking for an innovative excavation method to use. Aside from the fact that it uses advanced technology, Hydro Excavation can save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary damage and time spent cleaning up after the job.

With Hydro Excavation, you will also be able to yield accurate and precise excavation results compared to conventional excavation methods. 


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