Vacuum ExcavationVacuum Loading Assists in Safe, Easy Removal and Shifting of Material

10 April 2019by support

Not many people are aware of what vacuum loading is.

They may have seen such devices operating at construction sites, in cleaning operations and other industrial uses.

Vacuum loading makes for the rapid removal of waste from any space or vessel through the use of a vacuum.

The waste material that is extracted can be dry or in liquid form.

Most vacuum loading equipment is mobile and mounted on trucks that contain vessels to hold the waste.

This means that it can then be transported to the point where it needs to be finally disposed of.

This particular process of disposal is used to remove brick residue, concrete slurry, woodchips, and can even be used to remove clay in the wet or dry form.

Working in clay for excavation can be unsafe, because of the fragile nature of the soil that can lead to cave-ins and cause safety concerns for workers.

Vacuum removal can also save costs in these particular cases.

One area where vacuum disposal is very common is for the clearing of septic tanks.

In this case, the sludge collected from them is periodically removed and transported to waste disposal sites, so that the septic tank can be used again.

It can also be of great help in clearing drains, culverts and other places that need periodic cleaning and are relatively difficult to access.

Vacuum loading can also help in the clearing of oil spills so that further damage to the environment is avoided.

Vacuum loading is a very efficient process that is used extensively in a multitude of industries.

It can greatly help in the removal of materials and greatly reduce manual effort.

Vacuum trucks can perform a clearance task across many different settings and have the appropriate pumps of various capacities mounted on them.

These draw up the material that needs to be removed and transfers it to a tank or other receptacle that is mounted on a truck.

Those that are used exclusively for liquid waste removal will have smaller pumps, and those meant for solids that are heavier will require heavy duty pumps to create the vacuum.

Standard vacuum trucks have tanks that can hold over 3,500 litres. However, there are some monster trucks that can have the capacity to remove up to nearly 20,000 litres.

Tanks need to be made of materials that can safely carry the required waste without any fear of corrosion.

Vacuum loading is a process that is also part of many industrial processes.

This includes where set quantities of materials in liquid or powder form require to be moved around to be used at a particular point in the production of items.

Many of these loading devices are linked to sophisticated measuring and weighing systems.

These allow for the exact quantities of materials to be moved to the point where they are to be used.

You will find these loading systems widely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and may also be of use in the food industry.

These systems are accurate, safe and can also greatly reduce wastage and lead to the correct combinations of materials as required.

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