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18 August 2019by support

The performance of a sewer line or plumbing line is reliant on discharge flowing unobstructed and freely.

Any clog that builds up in the plumbing line impedes the free-flow of the wastewater.

In worst-case scenarios, the blockages can render a plumbing line or sewer line useless as it cannot evacuate the wastewater from a house or commercial property.

While there are plenty of technologies and techniques used to remove the obstruction and unblock the plumbing line and sewer line, water jetting is probably the best solution in use today.

It combines elements of being effective, non-destructive, and versatile. You can use water jetting for:

  • Routine plumbing maintenance.
  • Unblock clogged plumbing systems
  • Remove severe and tough obstructions from the sewer lines and plumbing.
  • High-pressure surface cleaning.


What Is The Use Of Water Jetting Services?

#1. Water Jetting For Routine Maintenance – Regular maintenance of the plumbing system is essential to its longevity and proper functionality.

As such, regular and scheduled cleaning of the plumbing system is necessary to reduce the build-up of clogs.

Professional plumbers use water jetting to clean the plumbing system and the sewer lines.

Pressure Works Drain cleaning services ensure that the inside channels of the plumbing system and in some cases, the outside of the surfaces of the lines, are free of any obstructions.


#2. Water Jetting For Emergency Blockages – Aside from the regular maintenance of plumbing lines, water jetting is used in emergency cases.

Even with proper maintenance, your plumbing or sewer line can still get clogged.

The high-pressure water jet, in such cases, is used to unblock the drainage by pulverising the clogging materials, allowing wastewater to flow unobstructed.

It breaks down the debris and sludge while emulsifying the oils and grease, leaving the plumbing clean.

Furthermore, the high-pressure water jet is also capable of handling emergency tree root removal.


#3. Getting Rid Of Tough Obstructions In The Plumbing Lines – A wide variety of causes can cause plumbing blockage.

While grease and oils are the most common of blockage debris, there are plenty of other items that can block the drains and the sewer lines.

Think of hardened scale, globes of hair, chewing gum, plastics and other things that need to be removed.

Traditionally, unblocking drains and sewer lines blocked by such tough items meant disassembly of the pipes and sewer lines.

Water jetting allows plumbers to unblock the drains without having to go through the process of drain disassembly.


#4. Water Jetting For High-Pressure Cleaning – Water jetting is also used for cleaning.

A high-pressure unidirectional water jet has the capacity and capability to get rid of any type of tough dirt, grime, and grease.

As such, water jetting is used to clean, restore and refurbish concrete, wooden surfaces, tile surfaces, and much more giving such surfaces a new shine.

In the same light, water jetting is also used to remove paint, graffiti, and chewing gum.

The high-pressure water jet is capable of obliterating the dirt and paint that covers surfaces, leaving a clean surface behind.


Final Thoughts

Water jetting has proved to be effective in cutting through fat, oil, grease, soil debris, hardened scale, roots, and much more.

Therefore, it can effectively deal with any and all types of obstructions that a typical commercial, industrial, and residential property experiences.

As the process is non-destructive, it ensures your delicate plumbing systems do not suffer from damage in the cleaning process.

By carrying out proper investigations of where the clog is, and using the right-size hydro-jetting head further, you can reduce the chances of damaging the plumbing system.

Whether you are in need of having a septic tank emptied, or you want a blocked sewer de-clogged, it is important that you call in a professional service.

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