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23 June 2020by support

Most of us would see suction trucks in our neighbourhood every now and then. Most of the time, we call them for septic and liquid waste removal. However, did you know that suction trucks do more than just collect sewage waste?

A suction truck is one of the many uses. A standard one is equipped with a large tank for liquid storage, a strong vacuum pump, and a series of hoses and lances that is used to reach tight and confined areas that needs liquid removal.

Following are the various usages of Suction Trucks:

Septic Tanks

Septic tank pumping is important and must be scheduled regularly to ensure that septic system operations running properly. Failure to do so can cause harmful repercussions like:

  • It can seep into the ground and into your water systems, especially your drinking water which can lead to many harmful health risks.
  • It can lead to diseases and infections to humans and animals like dysentery, acute gastrointestinal illness, hepatitis, and typhoid fever.
  • It can cause groundwater contamination.
  • Septic fumes carry airborne bacteria that can cause sinus infections and other respiratory problems.
  • It can also release mould spores into your homes.
  • It can form methane gas, which can cause asphyxiation. It is also highly flammable and can explode easily.
  • It can also produce sulphide gas which can cause harmful effects to human health as well as animals.

Sumps and Sewers

Aside from community regulations, sumps and sewers require regular service otherwise, it can cause unpleasant odours, waste leakage and many other messy problems for both residential and commercial areas.

A suction truck comes in handy when it comes to emptying sumps and sewers because it can accommodate a large amount of liquid waste.

Grease Traps

A grease trap is a plumbing device that is used to trap grease and solid materials while letting clear water escape. The trap needs to be emptied regularly, otherwise, it will overflow or leak.

Cleaning out a grease trap is a difficult job and one needs a powerful vacuum, hoses and lances to achieve that. Suction trucks have exactly what one needs to clean out grease traps properly.

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials especially toxic liquid waste must be handled with care and with proper machines and equipment.

Suction trucks are perfect for the job because waste can be handled from a distance through the strong vacuum, hoses and lances.

Cave Ins

Accidents or natural disasters cause cave-ins in areas that can pose great risks to people, animals and to the environment.

Suction trucks can help in fixing the problem by removing mud, water and other liquid materials that cause danger to the area.

When pits and trenches collapse on workers, suction trucks are used to remove the materials and so rescuers can get to the victims in a fast and safe manner.

Recovery Missions

Suction trucks are usually required to help in recover missions during natural and man-made disasters. It can help in removing trapped individuals and animals during floods, storms, landslides, and other disasters.

Environmental Protection

Natural disasters can cause major damage to the environment. Suction trucks are usually used to remove sludge, wet and soft grounds, mud and other materials.

They help in removing waste and cleaning up the surroundings to bring the area back into shape and safe for use.

Oil Spills

Suction trucks can save lives and the environment. It helps in the fast removal of oil spills and other dangerous disasters that can kill people and animals.

How Does A Suction Truck Work?

A suction truck works by using its powerful vacuum pump to remove the air from the holding tank to create a vacuum.

The tank equalises the pressure inside when the primary and secondary shutoff valve is opened, letting the truck suck up all the liquids and sludge that needs to be removed and disposed of.

It works like the average home vacuum only larger, bigger, and a hundred times more powerful.

Suction trucks are important and more useful than you think. Although for homes and offices, you call for suction truck services for the usual plumbing and liquid waste removal needs.


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